My backside was itchy (again) one humid night in late 2018. I texted my business partner at LITO, Rebecca Toh, and in my usual trademark bunny enthu-fashion, suggested that we start a podcast.

Me: Eh, I think we should do a podcast!!

Almost immediately...

Rebecca: Yes!!! I would love to! And can we talk to fellow dreamers and freelancers and solopreneurs? I'm in!


And so, we started The LITO Podcast and recorded our first episode an hour later.

And I love her even more for so readily being my partner-in-crime.

We're having so much good, clean and sometimes, wicked fun.

So are our listeners.

We think you're gonna dig it too.


You can tune into our unabashed blend of Singlish, ruminations on life, business and everything in between here:

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