Follow Your HeartFollow Your Heart

There are two parts to you:
One follows the voice of the crowd. The other heeds your internal voice.

Which is the more dominant voice in your life?

Dreams are fuel for our success. A life without them can never feel meaningful and there can never be any lasting success.

Behind every successful person, there is usually a dream fulfilled. This dream is what drives, motivates, captivates and excites, and it becomes a powerful force that pushes you to believe in the impossible, to make unexpected life changes, to get out of your comfort zone, confront your fears and to take unimagined risks.

One of the bad things that happens when we become adults is we often end up ignoring or forgetting what we truly love. We let ourselves be driven by other people's guidance and society's expectations. When we choose to live based on society's terms, we end up losing ourselves along the way. It is only with hindsight that we realise we're not following our own true path.

Successful people do what they love and are passionate about. They quickly learn to define their own paths and make authentic choices which are aligned with their personal values and desires, no matter how crazy or unpopular they might appear to others.

I’ve always been a rebel since I was a little boy. Not in a disobedient, defiant, naughty way. But more in a challenging “why shouldn’t I be doing this even when no one else is?” way.

As best illustrated in the following photo.


Hey, that’s me! Age 12. At a towering height of 1.27m. With a bunch of my dancing girlfriends. Funny side note: When I danced on stage, they wouldn’t allow me to wear my spectacles. That was before contact lenses were available so I danced blindly and didn’t quite know where the hell I was going most of the time! Talk about blind faith. Now that's a powerful thing. Also, ironically the dance was called "Our Home of Vision." Go figure. ?


Here’s another photo of me being so completely at home being a thorn amongst the roses. This was the Tarantula Dance, also known as the Tambourine Dance. It was really fun! We would bang and shake the tambourines resulting in quite the elegant riot. The girls had big, long, flowy skirts with fun patterns and bright designs that flared out when they twirled and turned. Well, I was in my short shorts and it wasn't half as fun. Insert pout. I really really wanted to wear one of those skirts.

And so I did!


Told you I was a rebel! Evidently, I was quite the resourceful brat. I ransacked my auntie’s wardrobe (she’s pint-sized and omg did the clothes and shoes fit!). There were early telltale signs that I had a sense of aesthetics and colour coordination in me too - great skills to have for a designer! And lest you thought I did this behind closed doors - my mum took this photo! Hello, Mummy! ??

Visually assaulting you aside, I do have a point to make.

Although I didn’t become a professional dancer, actor, or a Rupaul (I might save that last one for when I’m 60), I’ve always followed my heart at every stage of my life. ?

Success is the accomplishment of any number of possible dreams, aspirations or goals. It’s personal and unique to you. Your greatest desire can be another person’s biggest nightmare. You might aspire to give a TED talk in the future, while your best friend would shit her pants thinking about doing the same thing! ?

To be able to look back upon your life at the end of your time on earth and say “I have lived a successful life” means successfully pursuing a myriad of aims and goals.

What are your dreams?

What do you really want to achieve in the near and distant future? What dreams can you be chasing that feels exciting and meaningful? Are you working on these dreams now? Or are you chucking them aside because life happened? Is it time to dust off and relook at these dreams?

Here are some key action steps you can take today towards manifesting those dreams.

1. First, know your dreams

Draw up your Dreams List using a mixture of words, sketches, pictures. This can help you see connections between your ideas, long forgotten desires and passions. You can even create a vision board or hop on Pinterest to create a Dreamboard.

Here are some prompts for you when making your list:

What did you love to do and want to become when you were a kid?

What bits of your life do you really love and want more of?

What do you usually do in your spare moments which brings you joy?

If money wasn’t an issue at all, what would your life be like? What would you do for a living?

What areas of other people’s lives do you look upon with a wee bit of envy? Freedom, traveling, having many kids, being single and carefree, living simply, etc?

2. Believe in your dreams

One of the common things that will occur when you start drafting your dream list is your inner critic will surface and say negative things like “Oh puh-lease, why don’t I get real, I’m too old and it’s too late to do this now,” “I’ve got a family with kids, I’ve got a mortgage, it’s too huge a risk to make any drastic life changes” or “My partner/wife/husband/parents/friends will think I’m cray cray and never support my ideas.”

Here’s where most people trip up and the journey of dreaming ends. Poof!

There will ALWAYS be reasons to not do something. Fear will always rear its ugly head to hold you back. Successful people do not succumb to that. They tell fear to get in the backseat, and they find the strength and courage to step forward, rise to the occasion, and just start. The fear will always be there and eager to sabotage. That’s not going away. Acknowledge it, take over the wheels, and be the driver of your life. An integral part of achieving your dreams is to power through, not without fear, but despite it.

3. Create ways to achieve your dreams

The key is to recognise where you are at now (Point A), where you want to be (Point B), and explore how to close the gap. No BS here - This is gonna take a shitload of work. Knowing how to bring your dreams to fruition can feel daunting and overwhelming. You’re not going to do this alone. Create a supportive and conducive environment - both physically and socially - by enlisting the help of your closest ones, aligning your dreams with theirs, to help you realise your common dreams together.

You deserve to live a life of success on your own terms. I wish you all the best in your own search for it.


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