It’s Sunday night and you can feel the dread of facing a brand new work week creeping up (I’ve always wondered why they call it “Monday blues” when it actually starts on a Sunday). It hasn’t even started and you’re already exhausted.

Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected to your work and life?

Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel?


Hello, Human. Is this you?

Maybe you’re young and you’re just starting out.
Maybe you have it all and still feel empty.
Maybe you’re feeling uninspired.
Maybe you're feeling lonely "at the top."
Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.
Maybe you don't really like your job.
Maybe you're feeling tired everyday.
Maybe you feel something is missing.
Maybe you want to step up and be a better leader.
Maybe you want to motivate and energise your team.
Maybe you want to feel more connected to your work.
Maybe you want to build better relationships in life.
Maybe you want to be
happier, shinier, brighter.

You’re ready for more. There has to be more.

    What the fog?

    The simple solution (simple doesn’t mean easy btw) to all this “life fog” is to decide to decide - First get clear on what is it that you want. So many of us go through life without having someone (and that someone CAN be you!) sit us down, asking us what makes us happy so we end up putting the cart ahead of the horse, then living life as it happens to us.

    We need to deconstruct our life, then reconstruct it. Tear it down, then rebuild.  

    Remember - horse ahead of cart. Regain control of your life and happiness.


    Having built two 7-figure businesses (and many other smaller ones), and after suffering a massive meltdown in New York City in 2012 (epic novel on the way ... stay tuned!), I've made it my calling to help burnouts create healthier businesses and find true freedom in work and life.

    "Successful" people who feel empty on the inside - they are a real thing. That's because we've been taught that when we get the money, fancy title, swanky house, fast car, perfect partner and instagram-worthy life, we'd be happy.

    Somewhere, people got their priorities wrong. We cannot be happy living simply to gratify our physical and materialistic desires. Our inborn potential as humans dictates that we do more, that we utilise our full capacities.

    What we need is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthy goal.

    This is why I've been helping good people redefine success, understand the importance of self-care, build businesses, and do work which are aligned with their values and purpose.

    I'm Dan. And I would love to help you create a life you love. Because I understand. And nothing juices me up more than to see other people succeed.

    What are we covering in #HowToHuman?

    #HowToHuman is an in-person workshop on Work, Life and Happiness. It ultimately answers the BIG question of "What Makes a Good Day?" at work and beyond. Dan promises juicy tales of his personal journey, warts and all, humour plus a big dose of heart. Best consumed with a cup of coffee. Emerge with healthy afterglow. ?

    • Do a quick check on your current happiness level.
    • Define your version of “success” based on your own terms and core values.
    • Make a living with intention and mindfulness.
    • Create mindset shifts that will 10x your performance.
    • Explore ways to increase your happiness at work.
    • Get clarity on what you should be focusing on as a team.
    • Learn how to increase and manage your energy levels.
    • How to manage your emotions.
    • Discover your IKIGAI.
    • Move past limiting fears and crippling self doubt to pursue your goals.
    • Be more connected with the purpose behind your work.
    • Learn how to maximise the potential in your team.
    • And lots of other yummy stuff!

    Human skills you'll acquire.

    Thrive & not just survive.

    Level up your mindsets so you can better tackle the challenges that come your way. Get clarity on what you should be focusing on. Say goodbye to overwhelm!

    Live a more purposeful life.

    Feel more connected with yourself, your work, and your place in this world. Learn how to be happily achieving and not just achieving to be happy.


    Avoid burnout due to living a life with poor alignment of values and desires. Regain control of life. Feel happier, healthier and a higher sense of worth.

    That was fun wasn't it? I LOL'd when working on this part of webpage. ? Talk about joyful work! A special hat tip to The Shaw Brothers. The Shaw Brothers produced the greatest kung fu movies of all time. Watch them on iTunes, Hulu, Google Play, or YouTube.

    So that's a little bit of a preview of how we'll be spending our day together. And I have a feeling it will be a good one. Remember to bring an open heart and an open mind with you.

    This is a looong page. Thanks for powering through (see, you're legendary!) and I look forward to seeing you on Friyay! OKTHXBYE.
    Dan, out. ?