Epic 2018 with DanEpic 2018 with Dan

Your epic 2018 starts with an intention.

Hey there humans! As we embark on a fresh calendar year, how are you feeling? Excited? Worried? Tired? Meh? Or just nonchalant because it's another 12 months... no different from the previous?

I believe that December and January are magical months and are great for setting intentions that will set the course for the rest of the year. If you're craving for some clarity, direction and support in the new year, or if you're a high-functioning human who is desiring to go from good to great, I'm stoked to let you know that I've opened up limited slots for 1-on-1 coaching, to start your 2018 with confidence.


A screwdriver is useful. But if you're not going to use it, that loose screw is going to stay ... loose. Not taking any action is not the way to do it.

Here's what we can work on together, from business to life:

  • Life design & modelling
  • Goal setting and aligning your business/work with your life
  • Getting clear on what your strengths, core skills and passions are
  • Picking the right business idea for you
  • Validating your business ideas so you can confidently move forward
  • Refining your business idea and optimising it
  • Branding 101 - where and when to start, and how much to spend
  • Developing marketing strategies across different platforms
  • Building a side hustle (yay to more pocket money!)
  • Content creation strategies, timelines and execution
  • Prioritising your busy life and regaining control
  • Setting key intentions for your calendar year
  • Discover yourself, be more of you by exploring deeper
  • Getting a potent jab of positive bunny energy! ?

No matter what stage of your business/life is at, I'd love to work with you, with your permission and trust.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman

99% of people in the world are convinced they can't do great things so they aim for mediocrity. Overcome the notion that it's going to be another tepid year.

The #1 thing that has helped me grow in business and in life has been mentorship and coaching. Investing in oneself is THE DIFFERENCE that separates the winners from a sea of mediocrity.

Here's wishing you a brilliant journey ahead as you gear up. May 2018 be your most epic year yet!


Having built two 7-figure businesses (and many other smaller ones), and after suffering a massive meltdown in New York City in 2012, I've made it my calling to help burnouts create healthier businesses and find true freedom in work and life.

"Successful" people who feel empty on the inside - they are a real thing. That's because we've been taught that when we get the money, fancy title, swanky house, fast car, perfect partner and instagram-worthy life, we'd be happy.

Somewhere, people got their priorities wrong. We cannot be happy living simply to gratify our physical and materialistic desires. Our inborn potential as humans dictates that we do more, that we utilise our full capacities.

What we need is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthy goal.

This is why I've been helping good people redefine success, understand the importance of self-care, build businesses, and do work which are aligned with their values and purpose.

My mission is to help people with their struggles, and help them find mindful openness, tap into their well of gratitude and make a joyful living. My mission is to alchemize fear, uncertainty and discomfort into a space of peace and contentment.

I'm Dan. And I would love to help you create a life you love. Because I understand. And nothing juices me up more than to see other people succeed.

Let's Be Honest. You Don't Need A Coach.

Nope, nobody ever needs a coach. You have to want one.

Success is a lot of work. And you don't become successful on your own. If you go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. You can't accomplish amazing things without the help of other people. Honestly, it takes a whole village!

Regardless of what your goals are, you need to enrol at least one person to be your mentor and accountability partner. Many a times, it's the accountability and tough love that are missing ingredients in your journey to become better.


うれしい Ureshii~!

Let us go back to the future. 12 months from now. It's December of 2018. You've experienced major breakthroughs. You've had a fulfilling year pursuing projects and living life with intention and good alignment. Mind, body, soul are one. You're at peace. Your life is filled with ease. You've experienced meaningful personal growth. You're glad you started the year right 12 months ago, and you'd do it all over again. Welcome to your epic 2018.

For business owners and team leaders: If you would like to have a team hustle to start your 2018 right - with reflection for the past year and facilitation for goals mapping and setting key intentions for the new year, I've got something in the bunny bag of treats. Please get in touch!

Interested to work with me? Drop me a message (via FB/Whatsapp) or email and I'll be in touch pronto!

? ?


Psst !#1: Japanese text above says - "Be the change you want to see in this world." ? It's pronounced "Kono sekai no uchi ni nozomu henka ni, anata jishin ga natte mise nasai." Now you can go impress someone!

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