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Life is busy. We’ve got so much to do. Everyday.

When we have loads on our to do list, we run the risk of doing two of the following:

1. Everything becomes prioritised equally without intent.
2. Nothing is prioritised other than the daily tasks on our to do list.

So we end up taking lots of action, busy-ing ourselves with being busy, but not really progressing much in areas where it matters.

When everything is important, nothing is. This is noooooot gooood, my friend.

How can we stop doing that? By setting up sexy boundaries in our work and life!

Here are 2 simple steps I take to improve my daily productivity. Remember: simple doesn’t mean easy. But it has to be simple enough to do consistently.

Step 1: Isolate Your Top Priority

The first step is to isolate your top priority task for the day. This task should be a high-value task which will create a high impact in your life or business.

Dan’s Example: My top priority today is to write this newsletter. So I write down “Write Fankeow newsletter.”

Step 2: Choose Your Next Top Priority For The Next Day

Take a full minute (yes, all 60 seconds) and choose your top priority task for tomorrow… today.

Dan’s Example: My top priority for tomorrow is to finalise the outline for the next B-Hive Facebook Live Session. So I write down “Finalise B-Hive FB Live Session 6 Outline.”

That’s it! Easy peasey pretty pleasey. Then you rinse and repeat everyday.

Sorting out your top priority task for each day gives you more control over your day, instead of running around like a headless chicken - reacting mindlessly and not responding mindfully.

That gets you one step closer to working on the things that matter.

If you are disorganised, darting from task to task in a frazzled manner, I encourage you to start small. Start with identifying your top priority task for each day.

Build this one simple habit.

When everything is important, nothing is.


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Thinking Retreats are indispensable in my arsenal of tools and I take them every 3-4 months. They are regular time outs so I can take stock of my life and businesses to ensure everything I do is deliberate and intentional. It gives me clarity and energy. Let's talk about how to recharge and get the best out of your Time Outs!