It’s Sunday night and you can feel the dread of facing a brand new work week creeping up (I’ve always wondered why they call it “Monday blues” when it actually starts on a Sunday). It hasn’t even started and you’re already exhausted.

Do you feel free? Joyful? Connected to your work and life?

Most importantly, does your life feel the way you want it to feel?


Hello, my friend. Is this you?

Maybe you’re young and brimming with ambition.
Maybe you’re young and you’re struggling.
Maybe you have it all and still feel empty.
Maybe you hate your job.
Maybe you just got fired.
Maybe you’re exhausted.
Maybe you feel entrapped and have absolutely no idea how to free yourself from the shackles.
Maybe you want an exit strategy.
Maybe you want to check out of this system called The Matrix which you’ve been sold.

You’re ready for more. There has to be more.

    Catch yourself saying this?

    • I’m not enjoying my work. ? I dread going to work everyday.
    • I’d like to start a side business while I’m still in my 9-5, but I’m not sure where to start/I have absolutely no idea/I have a seed of an idea but not sure if it will work/I have too many ideas!
    • I want to grow my “hobby” business and start making a consistent income?
    • I’m not sure what I need but I know what I’m doing isn’t getting me results.
    • I feel that something is missing and I have this nagging sense of unfulfillment.
    • I know some things have got to change, but I’m not quite sure what to do or how to make that change a reality. ??‍♀️
    • It feels like all I do is work and I’m burning out. ?
    • I feel trapped and this can’t go on.

    Am I right? Or am I right? If this sounds familiar, please stick around for a little while longer. You and I need to talk. If you're none of the above, then congratulations! ? ~ Keep doing what you love. The world needs more people like you.

    What The Fog!?

    The simple solution (simple doesn’t mean easy btw) to all this “life fog” is to decide to decide - First get clear on what is it that you want. So many of us go through life without having someone (and that someone CAN be you!) sit us down, asking us what makes us happy so we end up putting the cart ahead of the horse, then living life as it happens to us.

    We need to deconstruct our life, then reconstruct it. Tear it down, then rebuild.  

    Remember - horse ahead of cart. Regain control of your life and happiness.


    OMG Dan, how did you get inside my head? This is freaky! Who exactly are you?

    Having built two 7-figure businesses (and many other smaller ones) myself, and after suffering a massive meltdown in New York City in 2012 (epic novel on the way, should be out by end of 2017... stay tuned!), I've made it my calling to help burnouts create healthier businesses and find true freedom in work and life.

    "Successful" people who feel empty on the inside - they are a real thing. That's because we've been taught that when we get the money, fancy title, swanky house, fast car, perfect partner and instagram-worthy life, we'd be happy.

    Somewhere, people got their priorities wrong. We cannot be happy living simply to gratify our physical and materialistic desires. Our inborn potential as humans dictates that we do more, that we utilise our full capacities.

    What we need is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for a worthy goal.

    This is why I've been helping good people redefine success, understand the importance of self-care, and build businesses which are aligned with their values and purpose.

    The #1 thing that has helped me grow in business and in life has been mentorship and coaching. Investing in oneself is THE DIFFERENCE that separates the winners from a sea of mediocrity.

    I'm Dan. And I would love to help you create a business and life you love. Because I understand. And nothing juices me up more than to see other people succeed.

    What are we covering in BYOBoss?

    BYOBoss is a 7-module online programme which will teach you, step-by-step, how to start a meaningful business with the skills and passions you already have because you want to make a living in a sustainable way and create true freedom and wealth for yourself and the people you love.

    • Define your version of “success” based on your own terms and core values.
    • Discover the business which is already in you. (Say whaa? You didn't know you have one lurking inside you all along?) I'm just here to help you reveal your innate creative epic-ness and develop your freedom business.
    • Start a “feels-oh-so-good” business which is aligned with your strongest skills and passions. Say goodbye to Monday blues!
    • Make a living with intention and mindfulness (because we've all tried the other way and fell flat on our bum bums!)
    • Learn the concept of “true wealth” and discover your very own “ultimate currency of life.” Hint: It’s not money.
    • Create a mindset shift and think like an entrepreneur.
    • Generate and explore business ideas which are aligned with your strengths, passion and purpose. Because life is too short to waste it on work that doesn't feel meaningful.
    • Deepen the understanding of your business ideas.
    • Validate your business ideas and pick the “strongest” idea to build your business around. Perfect if you're someone with too many ideas.
    • Learn integral business concepts that every modern entrepreneur should know.
    • Create a business vision and action plan.
    • Handle common entrepreneurial hang ups in your journey of creating a business.

    Think of it as a personal development course + mini MBA all rolled into one juicy delectable kebab! ?


    Boss skills you'll acquire.

    Create your own success manual.

    Redefine what "success" means and get clear on the success metrics that are truly important and meaningful for yourself and not what society prescribes.

    Live a more purposeful life.

    Feel more connected with yourself and your place in this world. Learn how to be happily achieving and not just achieving to be happy.


    Avoid burnout due to living a life with poor alignment of values and desires. Regain control of life. Feel happier, healthier and a higher sense of worth.

    That was fun wasn't it? I LOL'd when working on this part of webpage. ? Talk about joyful work! A special hat tip to The Shaw Brothers. The Shaw Brothers produced the greatest kung fu movies of all time. Watch them on iTunes, Hulu, Google Play, or YouTube.

    Self-Guided + Founders Edition Programme

    1. Includes 7 modules of videos, text contents, and worksheets to get you from zero to boss.
    2. 3 x one-hour calls (which you can book anytime during the 7-week programme) for personalized coaching, accountability and support. This is only available for the Founders Edition of this programme as a bonus.
    3. A BOSS Guidebook to get you through the most common entrepreneurial roadblocks you may face in your journey to becoming your own boss. Think of it as a troubleshooting manual which you can refer to when you hit a bump.
    4. An invitation to B-Hive - a private Facebook group for creative entrepreneurs who are committed to building a life and business worth loving.

      Investment: $397 When Officially Launched
      $0 For Founders Edition (For real. You can buy me coffee when we meet. Limited to 3 Spots Only!)

      Pocket-friendly and perfect for those who are self-disciplined, committed and enjoy learning at a personal pace.

    1-on-1 Programme
    Only available after main launch. ☺︎

    1. Everything in the self-guided course.
    2. Weekly one hour calls for 7 weeks for personalized coaching, accountability and support.
    3. Plus an exclusive BYOB Tee!

      Investment: $1800

      Best suited if you are looking for Dan's personal attention, coaching and bunny mojo to walk you through the very exciting first steps of building your passion business right.

    Are you ready...

    to be invited, challenged, even seduced to get to know the core of who you are and to create true wealth, freedom and happiness by making a living doing what you love?

    Ignite the revolution of feeling good and living free today.

    Monday blues or BYOBoss? Your move.


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    But wait! Apply within the next hour and unlock 3 more bonus Boss Skills™* absolutely free!

    Create true wealth & freedom.

    Create true wealth that is sustainable and long-lasting. It's about "HOW" we go about making a living that separates a prison from a life of freedom.

    Be excited about work everyday.

    Life is too short for us to squander it on work that doesn't light us up. Yes, bills need to be paid, but the real cost of meaningless work will be your biggest bill.

    Start your freedom business already.

    Your life is your business. Work, Life, Happiness - they are all intertwined. Your freedom business is your ticket to true wealth.

    *Only kidding. I'm not going to hit you with fake expiring offers. Why do people do that? That's icky. You won't be learning any tacky tactics like that in this programme. But oh, I'm serious about the last 3 boss skills above.

    Apply for your spot here.

    This is a looong page. Thanks for powering through (see, you're legendary!) and I look forward to working with you. OKTHXBYE.
    Dan, out. ?