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Selamat pagi.

A bright, sunny, chirpy hello to you from good old Ubud in Bali!

It’s hard not to fall in love with this place with so much awesome naturama around - deep green foliage, sweet caressing notes from the river a cliff away, fresh crisp flora-infused Balinese air. Temperature dips all the way down to low 20s without the humidity. It’s oh so so lovely.

I will be spending the next 2 weeks here, on the island of the gods, for a part thinking, part business mastermind retreat.

Starting from today, I will be spending 7 days with a group of 9 beautiful humans from different parts of the world. We have gathered on this spiritual island to figure out and work on our “next big thing.” We have people who are switching career tracks. Some thinking of bringing their business to another level. Some wanting clarity around their life. Some deciding to take the big leap to ditch the corporate jungle.

As for me… confession: it’s actually not one but a few big things I'll be working on. And that includes setting sexy boundaries. *giggles*

Nothing lights me up more than being around people who are actively taking responsibility for their own happiness and being committed to living life on their own terms. I am super psyched about this experience and opportunity. This is definitely going to be a personal highlight of 2017. With a third of the year already said and done (can you believe how fast time is just whizzing past us these days?), this retreat will inform the rest of my year.

The purposeful scheduling of my regular thinking retreats is to prepare my body and mind for the increased demand of the following phase, and to decompress, unplug, carve out breathing space to mitigate the risk of burn out.

Big ideas come from uninterrupted blocks of silence and white space. We need the room to ask the “what ifs?” Aha moments are more possible with the pregnant void of infinite possibilities, the lack of obligation and compulsive reactivity. We let our minds wander… ponder… play… postulate…

Thinking retreats must first be strategically scheduled and once they are on your calendar, vehemently defended amidst business commitments. The former can strengthen and inform the latter, but not the other way round. They are non-negotiable in my arsenal of tools for thriving in life and business.

Discipline results in freedom.

When will you be taking time out to de-load? If you don't know when and haven't made plans, may I encourage you to whisk out your calendar, pencil down some dates and start making plans? Remember - It's not real until it's officially scheduled.

I'll be back next week to share the gains and insights I've unlocked. Until then, remember to drink more water, get enough sleep, and eat well.

It's the silence between the notes that makes the music.

Pura vida,
Ubud, Bali

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Life is busy. We’ve got so much to do. Everyday.

When we have loads on our to do list, we run the risk of doing two of the following:

1. Everything becomes prioritised equally without intent.
2. Nothing is prioritised other than the daily tasks on our to do list.

So we end up taking lots of action, busy-ing ourselves with being busy, but not really progressing much in areas where it matters.

When everything is important, nothing is. This is noooooot gooood, my friend.

How can we stop doing that? By setting up sexy boundaries in our work and life!

Here are 2 simple steps I take to improve my daily productivity. Remember: simple doesn’t mean easy. But it has to be simple enough to do consistently.

Step 1: Isolate Your Top Priority

The first step is to isolate your top priority task for the day. This task should be a high-value task which will create a high impact in your life or business.

Dan’s Example: My top priority today is to write this newsletter. So I write down “Write Fankeow newsletter.”

Step 2: Choose Your Next Top Priority For The Next Day

Take a full minute (yes, all 60 seconds) and choose your top priority task for tomorrow… today.

Dan’s Example: My top priority for tomorrow is to finalise the outline for the next B-Hive Facebook Live Session. So I write down “Finalise B-Hive FB Live Session 6 Outline.”

That’s it! Easy peasey pretty pleasey. Then you rinse and repeat everyday.

Sorting out your top priority task for each day gives you more control over your day, instead of running around like a headless chicken - reacting mindlessly and not responding mindfully.

That gets you one step closer to working on the things that matter.

If you are disorganised, darting from task to task in a frazzled manner, I encourage you to start small. Start with identifying your top priority task for each day.

Build this one simple habit.

When everything is important, nothing is.


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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

When I first read the now (in)famous book (I even happily watched the cheesy movie they made!) I was so drawn by the concept of manifesting/conjuring anything our heart desires, if we know how to do it right. It’s like magic. Don’t we all harbour the fantasy of yielding a wishing wand that will provide for our every whim and fancy?

I’ve been providing refuge for a big zit on my face for the past 3 days. I haven’t had one of these for a long time now, cos now that I am older, I’m battling a whole other kind of facial challenges – saggy skin, dry skin that constantly needs hydration, buccal fat deposits, crows feet. Feels like X’mas already!

Through the years, I’ve learned that resistance is what causes more anxiety, stress and all kinds of ickiness, which renders it ultimately futile.

These days, I choose to embrace and let things be.

So I welcomed Miss Zit, made her a cuppa tea (benzoyl peroxide flavour) every night, and told her to make herself comfy.

I’ll let you know if Miss Zit is still around next week.


March 2, 2017 - 1 comment.


Thinking Retreats are indispensable in my arsenal of tools and I take them every 3-4 months. They are regular time outs so I can take stock of my life and businesses to ensure everything I do is deliberate and intentional. It gives me clarity and energy. Let's talk about how to recharge and get the best out of your Time Outs!

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YAAASSS! A side hustle I started a year ago continues to grow (and exponentially)! FANKEOW!! (You've got to excuse my penchant for exclamation marks cos I am THAT EXCITED!)

The numbers don't lie. In the past 30 days, the business has generated over US$9000, which works out to be over SG$13,000. Working less and making more IS possible! When I started this baby out, my intention was to bring in an extra S$1000 each month on the side... you know, to adequately cover my addiction to Nespresso capsules (20 sleeves of Ristretto please!).

I am in love with owning online businesses which are location-free, rent-free, cubicle-free, stock-free, delivery-free and kachings even when I am sleeping. It's smart and practical to shun away from brick-and-mortar businesses in Singapore - where land is scarce, rental is insanely high, with foot traffic migrating online in throngs.

This business model not only scales elegantly, it is in total agreement with my diminishing energy levels as I age (respecting the body is no longer an option but a necessity these days).

Thank you Internets!

My advice to my friends these days is to start an online business ASAP, even if it's a side hustle to supplement a day job, to leverage on the key trends that continue to change the way we work, make a living AND HAVE A LIFE (more time with kids, travel anytime, Netflix a lot, whatever tickles your fancy). Create a business that can support your ideal lifestyle, not just with money, but with other currencies of freedom, autonomy and joy.

Don't miss out on riding this wave with technology and consumer behavioural changes. The way I see it, this golden wave will last another 3 to 5 years max. Don't be late to the party.

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Hey happy bunnies! Just wanna quickly share an observation and some very encouraging tangible results illustrating the power of the mailing list for one of my online businesses.

My relationship with mailing list is just... well let's just say it's pretty much non-existent. I know it's THE HOLY MOTHER DRAGON GRAIL of marketing in the sea of social media channels but I was complacent and just didn't think of starting one cos I didn't think mailing lists were sexy.

For the past half a year, I decided to get off my lazy bum bum and started working on growing a mailing list.

I've collated some numbers here and it speaks for itself. The sales spikes correlate directly to emails being sent out and it appears to also carry a spillover effect, creating momentum in sales. Yesterday we made US$537 in sales, and we are at US$573 today with half a day more to go.

Yay! + *bunny hop*

I have a clean mailing list of just 300 (highly targeted people) which I've grown over the past 6 months (through content upgrades, giveaways, special promos). It's a slow process and I had to be patient.

There is so much information out there which we do not lack, so what's more mission critical is consistent implementation.

Too much information. Not enough implementation.

Trust the process, and take action everyday that will strengthen your confidence and build your business and personal life.

Have a great 2017 ahead!

Much love and light + XOXO!

A quick update on the figures for today since numbers just closed.


Final daily sales for 10 January 2017 closed at US$683. That's about 27% higher than previous day's sales. That works out to be close to S$1000. Pretty fly for a day's takings.


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Vlog Ep 3 is out! My videos are getting longer and longer despite my ruthless editing! Can't help it when you have gorgeous friends! Muahahahaha.

This is the one where we were Tai Tais for a coupla hours, sipped tea, ate scones, and someone got arrowed to do a speech at the last minute! Thanks for a fun Baby Shower "Team Elaine Cole"!