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February 21, 2017 - No Comments!


YAAASSS! A side hustle I started a year ago continues to grow (and exponentially)! FANKEOW!! (You've got to excuse my penchant for exclamation marks cos I am THAT EXCITED!)

The numbers don't lie. In the past 30 days, the business has generated over US$9000, which works out to be over SG$13,000. Working less and making more IS possible! When I started this baby out, my intention was to bring in an extra S$1000 each month on the side... you know, to adequately cover my addiction to Nespresso capsules (20 sleeves of Ristretto please!).

I am in love with owning online businesses which are location-free, rent-free, cubicle-free, stock-free, delivery-free and kachings even when I am sleeping. It's smart and practical to shun away from brick-and-mortar businesses in Singapore - where land is scarce, rental is insanely high, with foot traffic migrating online in throngs.

This business model not only scales elegantly, it is in total agreement with my diminishing energy levels as I age (respecting the body is no longer an option but a necessity these days).

Thank you Internets!

My advice to my friends these days is to start an online business ASAP, even if it's a side hustle to supplement a day job, to leverage on the key trends that continue to change the way we work, make a living AND HAVE A LIFE (more time with kids, travel anytime, Netflix a lot, whatever tickles your fancy). Create a business that can support your ideal lifestyle, not just with money, but with other currencies of freedom, autonomy and joy.

Don't miss out on riding this wave with technology and consumer behavioural changes. The way I see it, this golden wave will last another 3 to 5 years max. Don't be late to the party.