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November 28, 2016 - No Comments!


A long, long time ago, I ran one of the most popular blogs in Asia. I was blogging just before the term "blog" was coined. I have a track record of being slightly ahead of the curve.


The first website I ever created was at (yep, long-ass url there). I did a quick wayback machine search and lo and behold, the website is archived although broken. The oldest archive they have dates back to 1999.

But I started before that in 97-98 and I have absolutely no memory of what the first design looked like. I think there was a photo of me with weird colour pencil effects created with a very early Photoshop (bootleg copy cos poor student).


"I'm all charged-up for a new term in school." I feel so old. The website was complete with blinking gif animations, warning explosions, 3d rotating skulls, and super tacky opening lines.

Yes, that's right Dan, knock yourself out with those gifs.


Many years of blogging and iterations (Dailybread, SMLXL, later, right around when I turned 30, I decided to pull the plug on my blog to focus on building my business empire for the next ten years. Then Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat came along. And blogging seemed so irrelevant after that with micro-contents serving endless shots of dopamine, lapped up by a scroll-hungry world with decreasing attention bandwidth.

And then recently... I started bumping into people (strangers, friends of new acquaintances) who were fans of my old blog.

"Are you DannyBunny!?"

"OMG, you're DannyBunny!?"

"Where have you been?"

"Are you still blogging?"

"Why did you shut down your blog?"

"I've been trying to find you online!"

"I was a huge fan!"

"You are the reason I quit school!"

I'm not kidding about that last one. She woman-ed up, decided to stop being miserable and changed school to pursue her passion. And they all remember me as DannyBunny. Waahhhh. People remembered me from over a decade ago. Talk about a strong branding.

Thank you for remembering me. I feel so loved.

Now that micro squirts of dopamine are becoming more and more meaningless, I thought I'd dabble into mid/long form writing again. I plan to write my first book in 2017. And there's no better way to start, than with a blog.

Welcome back.

To the guy who is now squatting on and wanna charge me USD3000. It's ok you can have it. It's all about the dot co now.